2018 Midterm Elections – A Time for Change

First let me qualify my position by stating that I am a Constitutional Conservative and the Republican Party is nowhere near what I want them to be.  In fact, I feel very let down and, at times betrayed, by their fiscal irresponsibility and willingness to cave to the Democrats.  With that said, the reality is that we are a two-party system.  I know, you say that there are multiple parties out there and we should support another if we want change.  This has been attempted in the past, i.e. Ross Perot and the Reform Party, with the result being votes taken away from Republican candidates and making the election of Democrats easier.  As this is a Representative Republic, we need to change the face of the Republican Party and not waste our votes on other parties which don’t stand a chance of winning.

The media is predicting “Blue Wave” in the upcoming election but I don’t believe it.  Granted, the Republicans didn’t help their cause by wasting the first year of the Trump term engaging in obstruction rather than embracing and supporting the clear statement made by voters in 2016; time to drain the swamp.  The American people showed that they don’t want more of the same and the GOP deafness to this may very well impact the midterms.

On the other hand, Trump has forged ahead in implementing his agenda despite this lack of GOP support.  The result is that the economy is booming, unemployment is at record lows, and the average American is already seeing the benefits of his tax reform in their pay checks.  Therefore, I doubt that the “Blue Wave” prediction holds no water, but voters need to rally and show the energy they did in 2016 to elect candidates who support the Trump agenda and send a second clear message of No More Business as Usual.

Residents of Illinois are once again given the opportunity to help initiate change.  Sadly, election after election they vote D either out of habit or because they just don’t do the research and realize what exactly they are voting for.  Here is the scorecard for our elected officials from Conservative Review, a site I recommend you visit as part of your electoral research.  In a nutshell, none of the Democrats voted for the Trump tax plan.


Member Party State Liberty Score Years in DC Next Election
Randy Hultgren R IL D 66% 7 2018
Darin LaHood R IL D 63% 1 2018
Peter Roskam R IL F 54% 11 2018
Rodney Davis R IL F 37% 5 2018
John Shimkus R IL F 37% 21 2018
Mike Bost R IL F 33% 3 2018
Adam Kinzinger R IL F 32% 7 2018
Luis Gutierrez D IL F 27% 25 2018
Bobby Rush D IL F 26% 25 2018
Raja Krishnamoorthi D IL F 22% 1 2018
Jan Schakowsky D IL F 20% 19 2018
Daniel Lipinski D IL F 20% 13 2018
Danny Davis D IL F 20% 21 2018
Robin Kelly D IL F 17% 5 2018
Bill Foster D IL F 14% 5 2018
Mike Quigley D IL F 12% 9 2018

Source: Conservative Review

Sadly, our Senators are not on the ballot, so we are stuck with them for the time being.  I encourage you to do your research and use The CR Liberty Score® Grades Members of Congress to see what candidates in your district are all about.  The time for change is here and we need to help drain the swamp by replacing these “more of the same” Representatives.


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