Saint Jude

Growing up in a Catholic Family, I learned about Saint Jude at an early age.  Whenever a situation arose that fell under the categories of Hope or Impossible Causes my mother would pray to Saint Jude.  Now that I am older I have found myself praying the Saint Jude Novena when faced with what seems to be an impossible situation:

The novena is to say the prayer nine times a day for nine consecutive days.

Saint Jude was one of the 12 Apostles and the brother of James and Matthew described them as brethren of Jesus in his Gospel.  After the Resurrection of Jesus, he traveled widely preaching and helping to lay the foundation for the Church and died a martyr for his unshakable faith. He is widely known as the Patron Saint of Hope and Impossible causes.

I am a devoted believer and advocate of Saint Jude and encourage people to turn to him in their time of need.


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