IL Senate Bill 3604

The history of Illinois politics is chock full of tales of financial influence and corruption.  It is a shame that the state of Lincoln is so often associated with financial and political scandals that it is often viewed as business as usual.  Conservative residents of Illinois go to the polls and vote for change only to see the powerful Illinois Democrat political machine bring more of the same.  Political scandal in Illinois is not limited by party however, two recent Governors; Republican George Ryan and Democrat Rod Blagojevich both went to prison.

There are, however, some politicians who are trying to bring change to Illinois and put an end to the “Business as Usual” mentality that has dominated politics here for so long.   State Sen. Tom Cullerton, D-Villa Park  filed Senate Bill 3604, April 10 which would limit government workers’ ability to collect extravagant severance packages, also known as “golden parachutes,” on their way out the door.

Ok, so what is a conservative blog doing spotlighting a Bill proposed by a Democrat State Senator? Well, at this point any action that will curtail the financial the financial benefits public officials get is a step in the right direction.   Senate Bill 3604 would establish the Government Severance Pay Act which would impose a fixed ceiling on severance payouts, capping any severance pay at the equivalent of 20 weeks of compensation.


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