House Minority Leader Jim Durkin filed House Resolution 975 to stop the Progressive Income Tax

House Minority Leader Jim Durkin, R-Burr Ridge has taken a stand on yet another middle-class tax hike on the people of Illinois and it appears to have been successful.  Illinois politicians have been pushing State Rep. Robert Martwick’s (D-Chicago) House Bill 3522 – known as the Fiscally Responsible Illinois Entering New Days and Leaving Yesterday, or FRIENDLY, Act, proposes the following income tax rates:

  • 4 percent for income between $0-$7,500
  • 5.84 percent for income between $7,500-$15,000
  • 6.27 percent for income between $15,000-$225,000
  • 7.65 percent for income above $225,000

With the state hemorrhaging residents on the wake of last summer’s largest permanent income tax in Illinois history, House Minority Leader Jim Durkin filed House Resolution 975 which was co-sponsored by  Peter Breen – Sheri Jesiel – David S. Olsen – Dave SeverinJerry Lee LongSteven A. AnderssonMark BatinickPatricia R. BellockThomas M. BennettAvery BourneDan BradyTerri BryantTim ButlerJohn M. CabelloJohn CavalettoC.D. DavidsmeyerTom DemmerMike FortnerRandy E. FreseBrad HalbrookNorine K. HammondChad HaysJeanne M IvesSara Wojcicki JimenezMichael P. McAuliffeTony McCombieMargo McDermedDavid McSweeneyCharles MeierBill MitchellThomas MorrisonLindsay ParkhurstReginald PhillipsRobert W. PritchardSteven ReickDavid B. ReisNick SauerAllen SkillicornKeith P. SommerJoe SosnowskiRyan SpainBrian W. StewartDaniel SwansonMichael D. UnesGrant WehrliDavid A. WelterBarbara WheelerKeith R. Wheeler and Christine Winger.  This Resolution states that the co-sponsors “… stand united in opposition to any measure that would allow the creation of a graduated income tax on Illinois residents.” The lone exception of the House Republican Caucus was Rep. David Harris, R-Mount Prospect.

The strong support for House Resolution 975 constitutes a victory for the residents of Illinois as it prevents the proponents of this constitutional amendment from attaining the 71 votes which would constitute the super-majority needed for the referendum to be placed on the November ballot.  The fight is not over however.  I encourage all residents who oppose the progressive income tax to reach out to their representative and make them aware of your opposition by signing the Petition to Stop The Illinois Progressive Income tax.


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